Mandy the Bully – A Plan is Hatched


The headmaster and Mrs Johnson were very worried about the recent events that happened to Alice. They felt that they had failed her, and their school motto, Let’s Say No to Bullying’. They took it so seriously that they called Alice’s mother into school. It was time to stamp out this bullying, but they had one problem. Mandy hadn’t been caught in the act. For them to take action, they needed proof.

Mrs Johnson had been teaching for many years and had a lot of experience with bullies and the one thing she knew, was that they always slipped up. Bullies usually became so confident after succeeding once, that they would do it again and again and eventually get caught. She thought long and hard how to catch Mandy and came up with an idea. Mandy’s tricks were based on the classroom, so the best way to catch her would be to give her more tasks when the classroom was empty. She had heard once of an invisible powder that when touched, the person’s hands would turn bright purple. Mrs Johnson, the headmaster, Alice’s mother and Alice hatched a wonderful plan, where they would catch Mandy red-handed, or even better, purple handed.

The plan was to start the following week, not to arouse suspicion. Poor Alice had to live with the fact that everyone thought she was a thief. It was horrible. No one talked to her. If she caught anyone’s eye, she was given a nasty look back. Mandy was terribly happy. Not only had her trick worked, she had even got some of her friends back. The only person who was loyal to Alice was Martha. She didn’t believe for one minute Alice had done anything wrong.

At last it was the end of the week and Mrs Johnson addressed the class with the to do list for the following week.

“Mandy, you have worked hard this week so next week, I would like you in school fifteen minutes early to water the plants in the classroom.” Mrs Johnson said.

Mandy beamed with pride. Watering the plants was a real privilege that normally only the really clever children got to do. Mandy was always bottom of the class and it hadn’t even crossed her mind that this was a little strange.

Over the weekend, Mandy plotted and schemed her next trick that she was going to play on Alice. She had the perfect opportunity and this time she would make sure Alice would definitely be kicked out of school.

Mrs Johnson managed to get her hands on the trick powder and went into school an hour earlier than usual to set everything up. She took the packet of powder and sprinkled it in Alice’s desk making sure the bottom and the sides were covered.

There were five minutes left until the first school bell rang and Mandy had finished watering the plants. She had once overheard Martha tell Mandy that she kept a lucky charm in her desk so when there were exams, she would place it on top of her desk to bring her good luck. Today they were going to have an English exam. She took the small box out of Martha’s desk that had her gold charm inside and carefully placed at at the very bottom of Alice’s desk and then ran quickly out of the classroom.

“Good morning class. Now, we have no time to lose. I hope you have all studied for your English exam. Please prepare your desks. Mandy, can you hand out the papers?”

“Yes Mrs Johnson,” Mandy said standing up.

As Mandy approached the desk, Martha stood up.

“My lucky charm has gone. Oh no, where is it?” Martha wailed.

“Oh no, not again,” Mrs Johnson said pretending to frown knowing all too well what had happened.

“Well we know where it has gone, don’t we,” Mandy said almost giving herself away, there and then.

Mrs Johnson walked past Mandy and went straight to Alice’s desk. Even though Alice knew she was in the clear she was still feeling very nervous. Mrs Johnson opened Alice’s desk and rummaged around. She found the little box at the bottom of the desk and took it out. She held it up for the whole class to see.

“Alice how could you!” Martha shouted totally bewildered.

“Martha, I didn’t, I promise. Please believe me?” Alice looked horrified.

Goodnight Sleep Tight,

Angelica Galea Young

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