Boris the Bear


Boris lived in a large forest with his parents. The forest was full of tall trees surrounded by mountains. There were no houses for miles around and they lived happily for years, until one day something horrible happened.

It was beautiful summer’s day, when Boris woke up. He went out for his usual early morning stroll. He loved the smell and feeling of early morning dew, falling on his face, while he sat at the edge of the forest, watching the dew slowly disappear over the mountains. Boris and his family were kind bears, who never hurt anyone. They protected the other animals of the forest and whenever any of the other forest animals felt threatened, Boris and his family would be there in a second. On this particular morning, Boris felt something strange. The forest had a different feel. The animals were not making their usual noises and the birds were not singing. In fact he didn’t meet any of the other animals on his walk.

“Something is wrong,” he thought.

He felt very uneasy and rushed back to get his parents. He was almost there when he stumbled over something hard. In a second, before he could gather his thoughts, he felt himself being lifted up off the ground. Poor Boris had been captured and put in a net. Boris roared as loud as he could, his roar echoed throughout the forest.

“Get my parents!” he roared, while he tried to break free from the net but getting more and more tangled up.

The forest filled with cries for help. The wolves were howling, the owls were hooting furiously and the birds were squawking.

The animals had a code. Whenever there was danger, they would meet by the ancient cave where Boris and his parents lived. It was well hidden from the rest of the forest. Soon the cave was surrounded, full of animals all talking at the same time when suddenly, the sound of a gunshot echoed through the forest.

The animals leapt to action lead by Boris’s parents. As they approached Boris, he was no longer tangled up in the net. He had somehow managed to break free but he was injured. One of the men had managed to shoot Boris in the leg. Horrified, the animals gathered in their groups surrounding the two men. The wolves circled around them so they couldn’t escape and Boris’s parents stood up on their back legs and roared in anger. The birds swooped down, putting the net in between their beaks and threw it over the two men. The rabbits grabbed the bottom of the net between their teeth and ran around in circles winding the net into a tight knot at the bottom. The wolves put the net in between their teeth and ran as fast as they could to the end of the forest and threw them down.

“Someone will find them,” growled the head wolf. “We need to get back quickly to help Boris.

Meanwhile Boris’s mother was trying to wake Boris up as he had collapsed in pain and was too weak to open his eyes.

“Boris, wake up,” she cried, but he couldn’t move.

“We need to get him to the cave as soon as possible,” said the grey wolf.

The wolves gathered together and managed to drag Boris to the cave and within ten minutes Boris lay safely inside. His wound was deep and the bullet was still lodged in his leg.

“I am the only one that can help him now. Stand back and let me do my work,” said the kingfisher.

Boris’s parents watched in amazement at the Kingfisher buried its beak in Boris’s leg and with one snap pulled the bullet out. Boris’s mother quickly bathed his leg with water and wrapped it up tightly with leaves. She came out of the cave and spoke to all the animals.

“We have done all we can and now we have to wait,” she said sadly.

Every single animal of the forest kept a vigil outside the cave hoping for some good news. The wolves took it in turn to patrol the forest making sure the men didn’t return.

After three long days and nights, Boris’s mother came out smiling.

“He’s awake and talking!” she cried and thumped her chest with her hands.  There was a huge cheer of animal sounds, the birds danced in the sky, the rabbits jumped up and down with joy and the wolves howled.

The forest was once again a happy haven for all the animals and no one ever dared to enter the wood again.


Goodnight Sleep Tight

Angelica Galea Young

Story dedicated to Boris Hamsfield, Kissimmee, Florida



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