Chocolate Lunch and Toffee Crunch


“Are you eating chocolate already!” Sean’s mother said, looking at him crossly and checking his school bag to see if he had eaten his packed lunch.

Sean looked sheepishly at his mother. He hadn’t eaten his sandwich, only the chocolate biscuit.

“Sorry mum, I just wasn’t hungry.” Sean said, putting on his sweetest smile.

“You were hungry enough to eat the biscuit. I’m going to have to get rid of all the chocolate and sweets in the cupboards. When you are hungry, you can eat something healthy.” Sean’s mother said.

Sean was a very fussy boy when it came to eating. He liked nothing, apart from chocolate. His mother tried all sorts of different fillings in his sandwiches. He would eat them once and then say he didn’t like them anymore. Evening meals were even worse and a real challenge for Sean’s mother. Just as she thinks she had found something he likes, the next time he would say he didn’t like it.   Sean’s mother worried about him, especially when he didn’t eat at school.

“How was he able to concentrate having eaten only a chocolate biscuit?” she thought.

Drastic action was required and Sean’s mother had just the answer, which she found accidentally in the local toyshop. She walked down the isle named ‘Tricks’.  The display was marvellous, full of wonderful tricks for children to use on their friends. A pretty bag of sweets named, ‘Trick Toffee’ caught her eye. As she read the description, a plan hatched in her mind. Slightly further down the isle, she saw a bag named, ‘Pepper Chocolate’. Without hesitation she bought both the sweets and chocolate.

That evening when Sean was being difficult about his food his mother said,

“You’re so full up on sweets and chocolate, it’s no wonder you can’t eat. You’ll get a nasty shock one day!” She felt rather pleased with herself with the trick she had in store.

The next day, Sean’s mother packed his school bag but instead of giving him one chocolate biscuit, she gave him two bars of chocolate and three sweets.  She took him to school and managed to see his teacher to warn him what she had done. When Sean opened his bag in the morning he was overjoyed with the contents inside.

“Mum must have gone mad, but if she put them here, she must want me to eat them.” he thought.

During the lesson he opened one of the bars of chocolate and secretly put a piece in his mouth. It tasted great until he felt a funny tingling sensation. Then the tingling got worse and turned to burning! Sean went red in the face. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t ask for permission to leave the class as his mouth was full of chocolate. He had no choice and ran out of the classroom to spit it out. He spent at least ten minutes pouring cold water into his mouth until it had cooled down. When he went back in, his teacher gave him a look but said nothing. Sean could have sworn his teacher was trying not to laugh.

When lunchtime came, Sean didn’t eat anything. His mouth was still sore from the chocolate. He really wanted to try one of the sweets but he thought it better to wait. When the next lesson came, Sean did exactly the same as he had done in the morning. He took a toffee and secretly put it in his mouth. It felt rather hard, but tasted delicious. As he moved the sweet around his mouth he felt his teeth getting stuck together and suddenly, to his horror he couldn’t move his jaw. He tried to open his mouth but it was impossible. Sean panicked and ran up to his teacher, trying to tell him what had happened but found it impossible. He couldn’t get his words out.  His teacher, pretending to know nothing, said,

“Go back to your seat Sean and stop disrupting my class.”

Sean’s mother had told his teacher that the effect of the toffee would wear off after a couple of minutes.

By now the whole class was in fits of laughter and Sean felt completely humiliated. The effect of the toffee did wear off after a couple of minutes and Sean had never been so relieved in his life.

When he arrived home, his mother had his tea waiting for him. It was Spaghetti Bolognese and Sean ate it, without saying a thing.

He learnt a lesson and never again had too much chocolate or sweets and always ate everything his mother gave him without grumbling.


Goodnight and Sleep tight,

Angelica Galea Young

Dedicated to my son Sean

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