Mandy Teaches Alice A Lesson


It had been several weeks since Mandy got in trouble for bullying Martha, but she hadn’t forgotten it. She was determined to pay Alice back for sticking up for Martha and telling the teacher, Mrs Johnson. Because of Alice, she had to do an hour’s detention everyday for two weeks.

Mandy had taken an instant dislike to Alice from the first day she laid eyes on her. Alice was pretty, confident and well liked. Mandy was pretty, but a bully and disliked. The few friends that she once had, now avoided her, so Mandy was left to roam the playground on her own, feeling very sorry for herself.

Summer exams were approaching and everyone was working very hard. Alice had been streamlined in the middle group for all subjects because she moved to the school in the middle of the year. Mrs Johnson expected her to do well, so that she would enter the top group the following term.

Mandy got to know that Alice hated insects of any kind. Alice froze at the mere sight of anything that crawled. Just before she left for school, Mandy collected twenty worms from her garden, put them in a jar with soil and popped the jar into her school bag. Just before the bell rang Mandy snuck in class, opened the jar of worms, put them in Alice’s desk and ran out quickly.

Mrs Johnson handed out the Maths papers and told the class not to talk at all during their exam.

“Now make sure you have everything you need from your desks, as you won’t be allowed to open them again until the exam is finished.”

Alice opened her desk and took out her pencil case and calculator. Mandy looked over sniggering to herself waiting for a reaction but Alice seemed to look normal.

“Mandy, eyes to the front.” Mrs Johnson said in a firm voice.  Mandy quickly turned away. She didn’t want anyone to suspect her when the ‘fun’ began.

They were twenty minutes in to the exam, when Alice saw something move under her pencil case. As she lifted it up she saw three huge worms underneath the case and another two inside the case. She knew she couldn’t shout out during the exam so she sat at her desk frozen and very pale. She stayed in the same position until the exam finished.

“Pencils down and stop writing now.” Mrs Johnson said, and started collecting the papers.

“Right class, there are ten minutes left so as you have all worked hard this morning you can all go out for your break early. There was a huge cheer and everyone Mrs Johnson out in to the playground. Mandy made sure she was at the back and once everyone, was out she quickly ran to Alice’s desk. Alice had left everything on her desk so Mandy picked up the case and removed the worms from underneath. She then opened the desk and gathered up the rest of the worms and put them back in the jar.

Meanwhile, Alice being so upset, told Martha what had happened.

“I bet this has something to do with Mandy.” Martha said suspiciously

“The problem is, whether she had something to do with it or not, I failed the exam.” Alice was almost crying.

“Don’t worry Alice, we’ll find a way to sort this out.” Martha said willing to do anything for Alice. “I’ll go to your desk and get rid of the worms.” Martha did as she promised but there were no worms anywhere to be seen. When she told Alice she couldn’t believe it. “Where would they have gone?” Alice started worrying even more. Could she possibly have imagined it?

The last lesson was English taken by Mrs Johnson. She wasn’t in a good mood and was noticeably short with Alice. As the final bell rang Alice gave a sigh of relief. It had been a horrible day.

“Class dismissed, Alice, may I have a word please?” Mrs Johnson said looking pretty grim.

“Alice, can you please explain why you failed to answer half the questions in this mornings exam?”

Alice explained what had happened and that she was too afraid to say anything during the exam.

“This is ridiculous Alice, I’m finding it very hard to believe you. Show me your desk.” Mrs Johnson said, opening Alice’s desk in fury. She found nothing just like Martha earlier.

“Well Alice, what do you have to say for yourself? Go home and think about your behaviour and maybe tomorrow you will tell me the truth!”

Alice met Martha on her way out feeling very sad. There was no way she would make the top group now.

Mandy who had listened to the whole thing outside the window went home feeling very satisfied and was already plotting her next plan.

Goodnight Sleep Tight

Angelica Galea Young

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