Mandy the Bully Gets Caught


Mandy was a bully and very selfish. Her friends were only her friends because they were frightened of her. She would befriend a couple of girls and make them feel wonderful. A couple of weeks later she would gang up on one girl seeking the help of the other. She took the younger children’s lunch money, threatening to beat them up and regularly stole items from others’ desks, like pencil cases and books. The teachers had a suspicion what Mandy was up to, but they never found any proof and the other children never said anything against her.

Everyone trouped into class one Monday morning and saw a pretty girl sitting at the back of the class.

“Good morning class.” Mrs Johnson said, marching into the room, upright and stern.

“Good morning Mrs Johnson,” they all replied in chorus.

“Let’s welcome Alice. She has come all the way from America and she is going to stay with us for some time.”

“Hi everyone” said Alice in an American accent.

A few children smiled at her and some said hello.

“You can all introduce yourself in the break, but now it’s time to get down to some work. Ok Samantha?” Mrs Johnson grinned. Samantha was terrible at Maths and was always picked to give the answers.

Mandy immediately took an instant dislike to Alice because she looked far too pretty, with long blonde hair that curled up at the bottom, like a film star’s. She felt threatened and spent the whole lesson thinking of things she could do to make sure she had no friends.

At break time everyone crowded around Alice asking her why she came to England and asking her to say things so they could hear her accent. Everyone liked her immediately, even the teachers. Mandy was not happy at all and made sure that she gave Alice bad looks each time they happened to cross paths.

Alice was a lovely girl and very thoughtful. If anyone got in trouble she always tried to help. The nicest thing about Alice was that she made it a point to make friends with the children who didn’t have a group, or were left out in some way. Very soon Alice was the most popular girl in the class.

Alice left school a little later than usual after helping the Art teacher prepare the following weeks display. As she left the Art block she saw Martha, a timid girl talking to Mandy. Alice hid so they didn’t see her. Once Mandy left she approached Martha who was scrabbling on the floor picking up her books.

“Martha, what is the matter?” Alice said, helping her pick up her books.

“Oh nothing, I just dropped my bag and everything fell out,” Martha said not wanting to give anything away.

“Come on Martha, let me walk home with you.” Martha cheered up instantly. The thought of going home with Alice, the most popular girl in the class, was amazing!

Alice, being clever, walked the long way home. This gave her enough time to find out what had really happened. Martha slowly opened up. She liked Alice a lot and knew it wouldn’t hurt to tell her and felt much better when she did. Mandy told her to do her Maths homework, which was due the next day. If she didn’t do it, Mandy would tell Mrs Johnson that she cheated in the exam they had that morning. Of course that wasn’t true. In fact it was Mandy who had copied Martha’s answers. Alice was horrified. It was the first time she had seen this sort of bullying and it made her feel sick.

“Martha, give me Mandy’s Maths book.” Alice said firmly.

“No I can’t.” Martha looked horrified.

“Yes you can and I promise you will not get in trouble with Mandy. Meet me at my house tomorrow morning and we’ll walk to school together.” Alice’s face was so kind and trustworthy that she opened her bag and gave her the book.

The next morning Alice met Martha as agreed and handed her Mandy’s maths book.

“ I did her homework. She will never know that you didn’t do it.”

“Oh thank you Alice!”

It was the first time someone had been so nice to her. The only thing Martha forgot to do was actually to look at the homework. The same thing happened when Martha handed the book to Mandy. The bell had already rung, so Mandy didn’t check the book either.

Mrs Johnson collected the books at the beginning of the lesson. She set them two pages of sums to work out while she marked the homework.

“Mandy, stand up and get out of my class! Wait outside until the end of the lesson.” Mrs Johnson’s face was red and furious. Mandy had no idea why she was being sent out of the room, but knew it was something to do with her homework. As she left she glared at Martha with a warning look.

“Martha and Alice please come to my desk.” Mrs Johnson said, sounding cross but managing a smile.

On her desk Mandy’s maths book lay open in full view. Written in red ink were the words, ‘I am sorry for making Martha to do my homework.’ Martha gapped, almost collapsing in fear thinking of what Mandy could do to her. Mrs Johnson had also recognised Alice’s handwriting and wanted all the facts. After ten minutes of cross-examination she let the girls sit down at their desks again.

Alice and Martha wondered if they were going to be punished and were both a little afraid that they were in trouble. Finally the lesson finished and as they left Mrs Johnson whispered ‘thank you’ in Alice’s ear.

To Martha’s relief, Mandy never bullied her again but Alice found a piece of paper in her desk which said, ‘I’ll get you back.’ Alice wasn’t the least worried. A bully like Mandy would never get her back!


Goodnight Sleep Tight

Angelica Galea Young

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