Mrs Johnson is Sorry


Alice was down in the dumps. She had failed her Maths exam badly and Mrs Johnson had ignored her plea to take the exam again. She was dreading getting her end of term report. Her parents were going to be so disappointed. Martha, who would do anything for Alice, wished she could help. She knew in her heart that Mandy had put the worms in Alice’s desk but couldn’t find a way to prove it.

Mandy was feeling terribly smug with the success of her trick. She wanted Alice out of the school and she would was willing to do anything to make that happen. This time Mandy had another trick up her sleeve. She was going to take belongings from the other children in the class and put them in Alice’s desk. This was a perfect way for Alice to lose all her friends.

It was Monday morning and it was Mandy’s turn to be white board monitor. She went in to the classroom ten minutes before the first bell rang to make sure the board was clean and all the markers were working. Mandy cleaned the board and luckily there was a new box of markers so she didn’t have to check each one. She had five minutes left, so it was the perfect time to put her trick into place. She opened five desks and took one thing out of each of them. Quickly she threw them all in Alice’s desk that was empty.

The first lesson was Maths, much to Alice’s dismay. Mrs Johnson asked everyone to get out their compass and ruler sets. Alice’s pulled out hers’ from her bag, as she was petrified to put anything in her desk just in case any more worms appeared.

“Where is my compass?” Harry cried.

“Where is my ruler?” Adam shouted.

The whole class began to shout including Mandy.

“Silence at once!” Mrs Johnson shouted stamping her feet.

The class came to an abrupt silence.

“Stop what you are doing and wait for me in single file outside the classroom.” Mrs Johnson was furious.

The class waited for Mrs Johnson outside the door in anticipation.

The door opened and Mrs Johnson looking very grim faced, pointed her finger at Alice and beckoned her inside. Poor Alice felt her legs buckle under her.

“Alice, please help me to understand. When you came to this school you were such a lovely girl but now I suspect I might have misjudged you”. Mrs Johnson said, still furious.

“I don’t know what you mean Mrs Johnson,” Alice said shakily.

Mrs Johnson opened Alice’s desk and to Alice’s horror, she saw everyone’s belongings in her desk.

“Mrs Johnson, I had nothing to do with this. I have no idea how these things got in my desk.” Alice was really frightened at this point.

Mrs Johnson couldn’t bear to hear anymore and was just about to send her to the headmaster, when a little worm poked its head out from the top of the desk and gave her a fright.

“Oh my. In all my years of teaching I never thought I could have been fooled like this.” Mrs Johnson was truly horrified at the way she had treated Alice. She had always prided herself on her fairness with the children and now felt like a complete failure.

“Alice, I don’t know what to say? I am truly sorry. I haven’t misjudged you. I’ve misjudged myself.  I’m going to put this right.”

Poor Alice didn’t know what to say, she was still shocked and frozen at the sight of the worm.

Mrs Johnson gathered up the items that had been put in Alice’s desk and put them on her own desk. She wrapped the worm in paper and walked out of the class past the children and into the school grounds, taking Alice with her. Mandy smiled smugly wondering what Alice’s punishment was going to be.

Mrs Johnson and Alice did go to the headmaster but what was said no one would know for a few days…


Goodnight Sleep Tight

Angelica Galea Young

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