Never Say Never as Dreams Do Come True…


Tina loved horses and it was the only thing she thought about, night and day. She dreamt she would own her own horse one day and was determined to keep her dream alive until it became true. Even though Tina didn’t have a horse of her own, she was allowed to go to the local farm every weekend to muck out the stables and groom the horses. Once every two weeks she was allowed to ride Rosie, who was the pride and joy of the village, having won many show jumping competitions, including a silver medal at the Olympics!  Rosie was beautiful. She stood tall and elegant in her glossy brown and white coat. Tina always watched Rosie with pride as she stood out among the other horses. She felt content that she was part of Rosie’s life and Rosie loved Tina dearly.

It was Rosie’s last competition for the season and it had been very hard work. Rosie felt tired and wanted to rest.  Tina noticed that Rosie wasn’t herself and mentioned this to her owner but he didn’t seem worried. The gate opened and Rosie and her owner strode on to the field. As Tina looked at Rosie she knew instantly that something was wrong. Rosie’s ears were back and she was showing teeth. Tina ran to the fence, trying to get as near as possible to Rosie when something dreadful happened. Rosie took a jump, but her leg buckled under her and she fell down hard on the ground squealing with pain.

“No!” Tina screamed and she jumped over the fence to get to Rosie. The crowd went silent while the vet team ran to Rosie’s aid.

“You’ll be alright Rosie, I promise,” Tina said, with tears running down her face. Rosie was given a heavy painkiller and she closed her eyes, feeling the warmth of Tina’s hand stroking her face.

The next day, at the crack of dawn, Tina went to visit Rosie. She was lying down with her leg bandaged, looking terribly sad. Tina lay down next to her at a loss on what to do.

“Oh Tina don’t be so sad,” said Rosie’s owner, entering the stable. “She’s had a good run and we are all proud of her.”

“What’s going to happen to her?” Tina said anxiously

“Well, an injury like this is going to be very hard to heal. Luckily her leg isn’t broken, but If she doesn’t get better in a couple of weeks, we might have to put her out of her misery.”

Tina stared at him in horror.

“You can’t possibly consider doing such a thing!” she cried.

“Tina, she’s never going to compete again, so we have to think sensibly,” the owner said in a discouraging tone.

“She will get better and compete again!” Tina was adamant.

“I’ll do you a deal. You nurse her back to health and I’ll give her to you,” he said, realising he had been a bit tough with his words.

Tina didn’t care who owned her at that point. She just desperately wanted Rosie to get better.

As it was the summer holidays and Tina didn’t have school, she persuaded her parents to let her spend all her time at the stables, to which they agreed.  They felt terribly sorry for Tina. They knew how much she loved Rosie. Tina did everything she possibly could for Rosie and looked after her literally twenty-four hours a day.  The owner’s wife regularly took Tina food, knowing she wouldn’t leave Rosie’s side.

At the end of the second week, Tina was feeling nervous. She knew that a decision was soon going to be made for Rosie. She talked to Rosie constantly, hoping she understood.

“Rosie, you’re going to have to try to get up and start moving your leg. You can do it, I know you can.” Tina said.

Rosie did understand, but was frightened to get up.

“Tina, I need to talk to you,” said the owner’s wife gently, as she came in with some food.

Tina knew what was coming and covered Rosie’s ears. She couldn’t bear Rosie hearing what she was going to say. After they had talked and the owner’s wife had left, something snapped in Tina. She spoke to Rosie fiercely and told her to get up. Rosie, feeling alarmed at the tone of Tina’s voice, started to move her heavy body.

“Come on Rosie, you can do it!” Tina said, trying to sound convincing. Tina, using both hands and all her strength, tried to push Rosie up. Of course she couldn’t move her, but Rosie suddenly made a huge neigh and stood up, wobbling at first, but then found her balance.

“You did it Rosie!” and hugged Rosie around her neck.

Over the next few days Rosie became stronger and stronger. No one, especially Rosie’s owner could believe that Rosie was standing up, let alone walking. After a few weeks, Rosie was almost completely recovered.

The owner was so impressed with Tina that he kept his word.

“Rosie is yours Tina, you deserve each other. I’ve never seen anyone take such good care of a horse like you.” Tina had completely forgotten that he had said she could have her. She couldn’t find any words to express how happy she was.

The following year there was a huge surprise for the show jumping world. Rosie, with Tina on her back, rode all the way to gold…


Goodnight Sleep Tight,

Angelica Galea Young

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