One Day I’ll Rocket to the Moon


Henry was sure that people lived on the moon and was obsessed with this idea. His friends and parents told him it was impossible but Henry didn’t believe them.  He would say,

“If people live on earth they must also live on the moon,” he always said.

Henry had a vivid imagination, which was sometimes good and sometimes bad, to the extent where he wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t.

His parents became so fed up that they decided to take him to the Science Museum. There he would learn all about the Planets and the moon and that should be that.

Henry was very excited.

“I’ll show you that people live on the moon, just you wait and see!”

It was a real treat travelling to London by train. Henry’s imagination was already running wild seeing the tall buildings whizzing past, reaching high up in to the sky. It was a foggy day so he couldn’t see the tops of the buildings and wondered if they almost reached the moon.

When they arrived at the museum, Henry demanded to go directly to the moon section. His parents were certainly happy with his decision.

“Look! I can take a trip in this rocket all the way to the moon.” Henry said excited. In front of them was a big sign on a huge rocket saying, ‘Stand on the moon today.’

“Wow, Mum, dad can I go, please?”

“Of course you can, that’s why we are here. Stand in the queue,” his dad said laughing.

They waited for twenty minutes, which seemed like forever for Henry. Finally, he was at the front of the queue and was handed a spacesuit to put on.

“I don’t need this,” he said to the museum assistant. “I don’t think people on the moon walk around in all this gear.”

The museum assistant smiled and said, “You have a vivid imagination don’t you young man?” Henry frowned and started on putting on his spacesuit.

He was the last person in the queue, so he had the rocket to himself. He was given instructions about what to do and proceeded to buckle himself up in his seat. The giant doors of the rocket closed and Henry was locked inside. He couldn’t wait to meet the people who lived on the moon. He also took his camera with him.

The rocket lifted off at great speed making a loud hissing noise and Henry felt himself being held down in his seat unable to move. After two minutes, the rocket stopped shaking and seemed to have slowed down. Henry looked out of the window in front of him watching the stars race past.

“Wow, I wonder how fast we are going?” he thought, when suddenly, he felt the rocket hit something hard. Henry flew out of the window and landed face down on the chalky surface of the moon, with pieces of broken rocket around him.  As he picked himself up he saw what looked like a group of people walking towards him.

“Ah ha! I knew there were people on the moon,” and reached for his camera.

“Oh no you don’t,” said a croaky voice behind him, snatching his camera out of his hands.

Henry took a step back. A horrible looking green stick man, with bulging eyes, was staring at him. Slime was oozing out of his mouth through his teeth.

Henry was too petrified to speak.

“Why have you come here? What do you want?” Henry was now surrounded by a group of slimy green stick men dripping slime all over him.

“I wanted to prove that people really do live on the moon.” Henry stammered, feeling very weak.

“I can’t get back now. My rocket is broken.” Henry was now crying, desperately wanting to see his parents again.

“We will let you go on one condition,” said one of the stickmen

“Yes anything, I promise,” said Henry wondering how on earth he was going to get back.

“You must never ever mention anything about us to anyone. As far as you are concerned, no one lives on the moon. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes, please let me go!” Henry shouted.

He felt himself struggling to breathe. The green men were looking hazy and he blacked out.

A few minutes later, he opened his eyes, still buckled up in the chair of the rocket. His mother and father were standing next to him looking worried.

“Are you alright Henry? You gave us quite a fright.” his mother said with relief.

“I think so. How long have I been here?” Henry’s head hurt.

“For at least two hours! Something happened to the rocket and it wouldn’t stop spinning. The fire department had to break the door to get in.”

“Oh,” said Henry feeling confused.

After the excitement calmed down, they made their way home.

“So tell me Henry, were there people on the moon?” his dad said, grinning.

Henry hesitated for a second about to say yes, when he looked at his camera that was covered in green spots.

“No dad, the moon is deserted.”


Goodnight Sleep Tight

Angelica Galea Young

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