Sasha’s Story


The Little Book of Magic was making its way to Sasha, a little girl who was very lonely. Sasha lived at home in a village called Sukiville that was in the middle of nowhere. The nearest school was thirty miles away and all the children from Sukiville stayed at the school during term time. Sasha desperately wanted to go to school and have friends, but her parents didn’t want her to go away, so they taught her themselves. Sasha wasn’t even allowed to make friends with the other children in the holidays, as her parents didn’t want her to get ‘grand ideas’ of going to boarding school.

Life was very dull and boring for Sasha. In her free time she would read and write stories of being at school, or just stare out of the window wishing that she were somewhere else. Sasha couldn’t understand why her parents wouldn’t let her go to school but every time she approached the subject they would get cross. She soon became withdrawn and barely spoke to her parents unless she had to.

One evening when Sasha was reading her book, the little stamp appeared in its usual place between two pages lodged in the spin. When she took it out it grew into a full size book. Sasha opened the book hesitantly, hoping there wasn’t something horrible inside but to her delight it was full of wonderful stories. Before she knew it she had already read half of the book. She was so engrossed in the stories that she didn’t hear her mother come into the room. When she saw Sasha reading a strange book, one that she hadn’t chosen, she snatched it out of her hand and threw it into the fireplace.

“Oh no! Why did you do that?” Sasha cried.

“Where did you get that book from?” said her mother in a nasty tone.

“I found it here, you must have put it here.” Sasha replied distraught.

“Well I’ve never seen it before, so you do not have my permission to read it. Now, go to bed and we will say no more about it.”

Her mother waited until she was in bed and closed the door making sure the book was burning in the fireplace. As soon as she had gone Sasha leapt up and tried to take the book out of the fireplace, but it had already fallen apart. She collapsed on the floor with her face in her hands and cried. A couple of minutes later she felt a gust of wind and as she opened her eyes, the small stamp came drifting towards her and landed by her feet. She picked it up and once again and it grew into a full size book. Putting the book on her lap it opened magically at the chapter called, ‘Sasha’s Story’. Sasha gasped with disbelief as her own story was unravelling in front of her eyes. The only difference was the ending.  As she read the last word, there was a loud knock at the front door.  She ran to the window to see who it was. There was a man dressed in uniform, accompanied by a smart lady. Sasha quickly got back in bed hiding the book behind the bookshelf.

As she lay in bed she heard angry voices coming from downstairs. She could hear her mother saying,

“No, no, you can’t make us,” and her father saying, “ Please leave this house at once!”

She heard footsteps rushing up the stairs and was Sasha so frightened she got out of bed and hid behind the curtain.  The man in uniform, followed by the lady and Sasha’s mother, flung the door open. The woman saw Sasha’s feet under the curtain.

“There is no need to be afraid, please come out,” the lady said, in a gentle voice.

Sasha peeped out from behind the curtain but still didn’t come out. The lady approached her slowly trying not to frighten her and sat down on the floor.

“Sasha, would you like to go to school?” she said gently

Sasha could see her mother shaking her head in the background.

“I wish I could go to school but my parents don’t want me to,” Sasha said sadly.

“It’s very important that you do go to school and we are here to make sure that you go as soon as possible.”

Sasha had dreamt many times of someone coming to rescue her but believed that these things only happened in fairy tales and pinched her arm to make sure she was awake.

The kind lady handed Sasha a pair of shoes and a coat. She then turned to Sasha’s mother and said,

“We’ll be in touch when Sasha is settled in school.”

As they walked out of the front door Sasha took one last look at her home and knew that she would never have to go back again.


Goodnight Sleep Tight

Angelica Galea Young

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