Sore Loser


Sean loved winning and he was very competitive. Whatever he played whether it was outside games, board games or computer games, if he didn’t win he would sulk for days. Very soon his friends became fed up with him and stopped asking him to play, and his parents tried to avoid any games at home at all costs.

Simon and Tom, Sean’s cousins, came to stay for a week in the Easter holidays. They were roughly the same age as Sean and great fun. Sean loved it when they came to stay. He enjoyed sharing his room, talking into the early hours of the morning and especially loved their secret midnight feasts.

The weather was pretty good for April, so Sean and his cousins decided to camp out in the garden. They spent the afternoon putting up the tent and making plans for the evening.

At six o’clock, Sean’s mother came out with a large basket filled with sandwiches, fruit, nuts and biscuits for their evening meal.

“That’s it boys, you’re on your own now. Have a wonderful adventure.” Sean’s mother grinned and wondered if they would last the whole night in the cold April night air.

“I know,” said Sean. “Why don’t we play Monopoly?”

Simon and Tom looked hesitantly at each other. They didn’t want to spend the rest of the week avoiding Sean because he was sulking.

“Oh come on guys, I promise I won’t be a bad loser.” Sean managed to get his own way even though his cousins weren’t convinced.

Midway through the game Sean was losing. He tried his best not to lose his temper but when he lost all his money he pushed the board off the table with all its contents and stormed out of the tent.

“Come on Si, let’s go inside. I don’t want to spend an evening with sulky Sean.” Tom was adamant, so they snuck inside without Sean’s parents seeing them.

After half an hour Sean went back to the tent expecting to find Simon and Tom inside. The tent was dark and there was no sign of them. He felt ashamed for behaving badly but he was too proud to go back inside so he crawled into his sleeping bag and tried to go to sleep.

Tom and Simon wanted to teach Sean a lesson so they crept outside. Simon tiptoed around the tent and started shaking it and Tom made spooky noises. They carried on for a couple of minutes and ran back in to the house trying to stifle their giggles. Sean was petrified! It hadn’t entered his mind that his cousins could be playing a trick on him. He unzipped the tent, grabbed his torch and ran inside as fast as he could. Tom and Simon were sitting up in bed pretending that they had been there for some time. Sean was so relieved to see them he forgot about losing the game.

The rest of the Easter holidays went along smoothly. They even played games but funnily enough when Sean lost he did so graciously.


Goodnight Sleep Tight

Angelica Galea Young

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