Sugar and Spice and Puppy Dogs Tails


Everyone thought Clare was a nice girl because she looked like a princess. Her long, golden hair flowed all the way down her back, so she was always referred to as ‘Sugar and Spice’. Behind her parents back she wasn’t ‘Sugar and Spice’, at all. She would stick her tongue out at other children for no reason. Knock on the doors of her neighbours and run away. She poured water in letterboxes and lay in wait for the poor postman who had to fill his sack full of soggy letters. The most unforgivable thing she did was to chase the little puppy dogs on the farm where she helped out and pulled their tails so hard, they yelped with pain.

Clare was staying on the farm for the weekend while her parents were away. The farmer and his wife were very kind and Clare did her best to behave herself. She was very good for the first day, but on the second day she started to play up. The farmer would prepare all the food for the animals and hour before they ate. He started with the pigs, then the chickens and finally the cows. When he finished putting the food in the trough, Clare took the lose straw from the hay bales in the barn and filled the trough with straw.  She then got a bucket of water and threw it all over the chicken fodder. Clare, happy with her mornings work, went to chase and tug the puppies’ tails just before lunch.

The farmer’s wife rushed after Clare as she had forgotten to put on her scarf and it was very cold. She had almost caught up with her when she saw her putting straw in the pigs’ trough.  She was so shocked at Clare’s behaviour she wanted to see what she would do next.  She couldn’t believe it when she saw Clare pulling the puppies tails and walked back to the house upset and angry.

It was time for lunch so Clare made her way back. The farmer and his wife behaved as usual and didn’t let on that they knew about Clare’s morning activities. They had never come across such a naughty girl and had no idea what to do.

When it was time for bed, the farmer’s wife brushed Clare’s hair and put it in to plats. Clare admired her beautiful golden hair as it glimmered in the light.

“I really am all things nice,” she thought to herself.

As she put her head on the pillow she fell asleep immediately. It must have been all that fresh air.

In the middle of the night, Clare had a very bad dream. The farmer’s wife had crept in to Clare’s room. She’d taken out a large pair of scissors from her pocket and snipped off both her plats and had said,

“That will teach you to pull my puppy dogs tails!”

Clare woke up in shock touching her hair to make sure her plats were still there. As she thought about the dream she began to realise how horrible she had been to the farmer and his wife. She then thought of all the other things she had done in the past. Feeling very upset thinking of all the things she had done she made a vow to herself.

“I promise I will never do bad things again,” she said out loud.

The next morning she went down for breakfast. She told the farmer and his wife what she had done and promised to put it right. They were so proud of her for owning up they decided not to tell Clare’s parents.

Clare really did turn over a new leaf and overnight, became, ‘All things nice’.

Goodnight Sleep Tight

Angelica Galea Young

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