The Box of Secrets


Perry was sitting in his toy room feeling miserable. It was Christmas time and he was missing his best friend Sam. He remembered arguing with Sam the year before on Christmas Eve and never saw him again. His parents tried to find out what had happened to him, but no one knew. The house he had lived in seemed to have been emptied overnight on Christmas Eve and now had new owners.

“They left in a hurry. No one knows where they went.” The new owners would say people, who were curious of their disappearance.

All that Perry wanted was to say he was sorry. They argued over something very silly. Perry wanted the big toy soldier and so did Sam. They fought hard and Perry accidentally hit him on the nose. Sam was so angry that he stormed out of the house. Poor old Perry thought this was the reason Sam had disappeared. His parents kept telling him that it wasn’t’ because of the argument, but Perry found it impossible to believe.

Perry had other friends, but it wasn’t the same. Perry and Sam talked to each other all the time, about everything. They even shared their deepest secrets.  They were like two peas in a pod that couldn’t be separated.

Perry’s parents wanted to cheer him up, so they decided to take him to the Christmas village. There were fairground rides, clowns, magic shows and lots of stalls full of sweets.  The village was so prettythat for a while it took Perry’s mind off the loss of his friend. He went on a few rides and then went to see a magic show.  It was brilliant. The magician was finding all sorts of things behind the children’s ears. Things disappeared and appeared in the most unlikely places. The show was almost at the end, when suddenly the magician pointed to Perry.

“Come up lad, help me with my last trick,” the magician said.

Perry went up to the stage eagerly. He loved all sorts of magic.

The magician opened a large box for Perry to get into and once he was in, he closed the lid. All you could see were Perry’s head and feet.

“For my final act, I’m going to saw this young lad in half!” he said, addressing the audience. There was a drum roll and then the box split in half. The audience gasped and clapped. Perry was enjoying every minute of it. While the audience was clapping, the magician whispered in Perry’s ear.

“I am the master of disappearance and I know you have lost something very dear to you. The answer is in your front garden.”

Perry thought the magician was mad. He hadn’t lost anything dear. All his toys were in his room.

“Look carefully Perry,” the magician said and then disappeared. Within seconds Perry could feel the box being put back together and the lid was opened and Perry stepped out.

The magician appeared once more, took his hand and they bowed together while the audience cheered and clapped. As he left the stage and walked towards his parents, he felt something inside of his palm. It was a scrunched up piece of paper and written on it were the words, ‘letter, garden.’ Perry discarded the paper without a thought.

That evening Perry went upstairs to his toy room to wrap up his parents’ presents. While he was wrapping the presents he kept thinking about what the magician said.

“Something dear, what could it be?” he thought.

He was really stumped and gave up thinking about it. Perry’s mind wandered again and he remembered wrapping the presents last year. The only difference was that he’d wrapped Sam’s present too. He had bought Sam the exact same toy soldier that they had been fighting over which made him sad. He was sure that if Sam had known, they would never have argued.

Perry went downstairs to join his parents. It was a warm Christmas Eve night and his parents were sitting on the verandah.

“Are you alright Perry?” his mother asked, feeling his sadness.

“Yes mum, I’m just bored,” Perry said.

“Tomorrow you won’t be bored. You’ll have some lovely new presents to play with,” she said smiling.

“Thanks mum.” Perry patted her on the back and walked into the garden. He picked up the camping light and started walking towards the tree house. He hadn’t been there since Sam had left. There was no point as it was their tree house, which they had built together.

Perry pulled the blanket, which was used as a door, to one side. As he peered in, it was exactly as it was a year ago. He sat down, looking at the toys and boxes, remembering the games and stories that they used to play. His eyes stopped at a little box tucked in the corner.

“I remember that box,” he thought.

It was their box of secrets. Perry would write a secret and put it in the box and Sam would do the same. Suddenly Perry had a thought.

“Did Sam put a secret here?”

He grabbed the box and tore the lid off it. Inside was a piece of paper folded in half at the top, unopened.

“Dear Perry,

I’m sorry we argued over something so silly. We left beforeI had the chanceto tell you that we had to leave. You know my father has a secret job. We had to move to another state so he could finish something that was top secret. My mum told me not to tell anyone, including you. We will come back when his job is over, my mum promised me. Please don’t be angry and I’m very sorry we argued.

Your best friend Sam”

Perry cried with relief. Sam hadn’t gone away because of him. Everything made sense now. Perry put the letter in his pocket and went back to the house smiling.

“You look happy Perry,” his mother said, observing something different in his face.

“ I do feel better actually.” Perry smiled and went off to bed.

Christmas morning was wonderful. Perry received most of the presents he had put on his Christmas list. His father played with him while his mother prepared the Christmas lunch. They were sitting down at the table, just about to eat, when there was a knock on the door. Perry’s father got up and went to see who it was.

“Perry, I have a wonderful surprise for you. This is the best Christmas present you could ever have.” Perry’s father couldn’t stand still with excitement.

“Dad, what is it? Tell me!” His dad moved to one side and there stood Sam in the doorway.

“I told you I’d come back Perry.”

“Sam, wait a second!” Perry rushed upstairs as fast as his legs could carry him. He opened his cupboard and pulled out the present he had wrapped the year before.

“Here Sam, I wanted to give this to you last year.” As Sam opened the present he started laughing.

“Oh Perry, I was so silly.” Sam said.

“I was even sillier, I thought you left because of the argument!”

The boys laughed together and went off to the tree house. They had a lot of catching up to do…


Goodnight Sleep Tight

Angelica Galea Young


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