The Land of Dreams – Leah’s Lair


Part 1


As Peter looked out of the window, a magnificent magical feeling swept over him. He didn’t just see the stars and the moon. He saw unicorns and angels, gracefully dancing in the night sky. In the distance there was a glittering castle above the clouds.


Peter’s instinct was guiding him. He opened the window and felt his feet lift off the floor. He floated out, up high into the sky, looking down on the square rooftops below.

“Hello Peter,” said a beautiful snow-white bird.

“Hey, how do you know my name?” Peter asked astonished. The eagle flew past and waved his huge wing than disappeared. Peter was still climbing when he saw a wolfhound approaching him.


“Hello Peter, jump on my back,” the wolfhound said and flew under Peter’s legs so Peter could sit on his back.

“Where are we going?” asked Peter.

“We are going to the castle under the moon,” the wolfhound replied.

Peter was very excited. He had always believed in mythical creatures and believed there was another realm in the universe where they lived.

“What’s your name? Peter asked

“Gredrius, the keeper of dreams,” he said in a very deep voice, that seemed to echo for miles.

“You are so beautiful and fluffy.” Peter said, hugging Gredious’s neck. Gredious turned his head and looked at Peter with affection as they rode through the sky.

“So young Peter, I believe you are looking for adventure and I just have the adventure for you which I think you will like.”

“Yes I love adventure!” Peter said, feeling on top of the world.

Peter was in awe at all the creatures flying past them, wondering what species they were, when suddenly the pretty lights in the night sky turned to a horrible grey and everything was in black and white.

“What’s happening?” Peter said.

“We have passed the land of dreams and now we are in Leah’s lair. Gredious said.

“What’s Leah’s lair?” Peter said uncomfortably.

Before Gredious could say anything a magical force took over and they were plunged into darkness, twisting and turning in the air, completely out of control.

“Hang on and don’t let go Peter!” Gredious roared.

Peter hung on for dear life and closed his eyes. They kept tumbling down and down until they hit the floor with a huge thud. Peter slowly opened his eyes and found himself at the foot of the castle.

“This doesn’t look good.” Peter said, looking at the castle that seemed to be deserted.

“Gredious, what do you think?” There was no reply and as Peter turned around, Gredious had disappeared.

“Gredious, Gredious, where are you?” Peter shouted.

“Don’t leave me, I don’t know how to get back. I don’t think this was the sort of adventure I was looking for.” Peter was frightened and started to tremble. Something invisible was pulling him towards the entrance of the castle.

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