The Little Book of Magic


The Little Book of Magic is a special book that magically appears to children that need a little help or magic in their lives. The book is the size of a stamp and grows in to a full size book when it touches its new owner’s hands. The Little Book of Magic has had five thousand and two owners and was now on its way to the new owner Katie.

Katie spent most of her life in the attic. Her daily routine was to go to school, come home and stay in her room in the attic till it was time to eat. After meals, she would go back upstairs until the next morning. At weekends she would stay in the attic most of the day apart from mealtimes. Her life wasn’t always like that. A couple of years before when her father had to leave for the army, her mother became very sad and didn’t have the energy to look after Katie full time so she employed a nanny, but she was lazy and mean. She would cook for Katie and her mother, making sure that when they met at mealtimes, Katie would pretend she was happy. She warned her that if she didn’t, she would make sure she would never see her mother again. Unfortunately, Katie’s mother was so weak and had no idea what was really happening.

One evening, just before bedtime, Katie opened her library book ‘The Wishing Chair.’ She was only seven and such a sweet girl. She very much believed in magic. She read chapter after chapter and thought,

“If only…”

As she turned over a page, a little stamp was sticking out, lodged between the pages.  It was difficult to pull but Katie was patient and carefully took it out without tearing it. It looked like an ordinary stamp, brown in colour with a picture of a book. She wondered whom it could have belonged to, as it looked quite old. As she held it between her fingers it started to grow and in a flash it was the same size as a hardback book. On the front of the book it said, ‘Katie’s Little Book of Magic.’ She desperately wanted to open, it but heard the nanny’s footsteps approaching the door so she quickly hid the book under her pillow. Katie waited for ten minutes, making sure she had gone before she put her bedside light on to have a look at the book.

The book was extremely beautiful. The pages were old and the writing was in gold. As she flicked through the book there were the stories of all the other children that had previously owned the book. Katie had never read such wonderful stories with such happy endings, and they gave her hope that one day something nice would also happen to her. While she was reading the third story she fell asleep with the book in her hands.

“Why did you turn the light on again Katie?” The nanny said the next morning.

“I had a bad dream,” said Katie, thinking quickly.

“I’ll give you a bad dream if you do it again! Now get dressed and come down for breakfast and look happy.”

When she had gone, Katie looked for the book.

“Where was it? The nanny hadn’t seen it so it must be somewhere? Oh no, I can’t find it!” Panicking Katie turned everything upside down but it was nowhere to be found. Rather then get in to trouble again she got dressed quickly and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

“Oh Katie you do look bright today.” Katie’s mother smiled. She worried a great deal about her and wished she could be well enough to look after her properly.

“Yes mum I’m feeling happy!” and gave her mother a kiss. She ran up the stairs leaving Nanny looking at her suspiciously.

Katie had given up hope in finding the book. She had looked everywhere. It was almost time to go to school, so she tidied up her room as best as she could and made her bed. As she picked up her pillow, she saw the stamp underneath. Relieved, she put it in her library book quickly just in case it grew again.

Walking through the park, Katie had a sudden desire to skip school and read the book instead. She stopped near the next tree, sat down and started reading. The stories were amazing, full of magical fantasy that took her into another world. Then the strangest thing happened. Katie started reading her own story. There were pictures of her mother and father and stories of her past and present. Her heart was beating fast wondering if this story would have a happy ending.

She was just about to turn the last page to the ending when she heard voices shouting, “Katie, Katie, where are you? Katie, are you hurt?”

Katie got up from the floor, realising that school had finished hours ago.

“Oh no, I’m going to be in so much trouble.” She thought.

She picked up her bag and book and started walking towards the voices. In the distance she saw two people shouting madly which looked very familiar.

“It couldn’t be could it?” Katie’s mind was racing.

Katie dropped her bag and still holding the book ran as fast as she could straight in to the arms of her father. As he held her, a small piece of paper the size of a stamp flew gracefully out of Katie’s hand and disappeared high up into the sky.

Goodnight Sleep tight

Angelica Galea Young


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