The School Bag

The School Bag - Angelica Galea Young

Jenny and her mother stood at the bus stop waiting for the school bus. That morning, Jenny had pretended to be ill, but her mother didn’t believe her and told her she would feel better soon enough.

As she entered the playground, she saw a group of children looking at her. Trying to avoid them she took the long way around and walked through the bike sheds. Unfortunately when she turned the corner they were waiting for her.

“Give me your history homework,” said Mandy.

Jenny tried to get away but was pushed to the floor by two other children.

“Get the bag, quick!” Mandy shouted. They grabbed the bag and fled before Jenny had picked herself up from the floor.

The bell rang for registration and the playground cleared. Jenny went in empty handed.

The first lesson was Maths. Mrs Johnson was cross with Jenny for having forgotten her books. She made her stand up and recite the nine times table in front of the whole class as a punishment. Jenny made a miserable attempt but getting it all wrong as well as trying to ignore the giggles behind her.

The next class was Art so Jenny was safe, as she didn’t need anything from her bag. At lunchtime she found a quiet place under a tree and started to cry. She could usually cope with being bullied which happened regularly, but this time she had lost her brand new bag. They were a poor family and Jenny’s mother had saved long and hard to buy it for her. She was also worried about her history homework. Miss Delany was going to be furious!

“Why are you crying Jenny, whatever is the matter?” said Mr Robbins, who was on playground duty. He was a kind teacher and prided himself on getting the best out of the children however difficult some of them could be. Jenny hated telling tales but she was so upset she told him what had happened. His sunny smile soon faded and he ended up looking pretty grim.

“Come with me. Let’s get this sorted out.” He took her into a private staff room and called in Miss Delany the History teacher who was also the assistant head.

“Jenny, Mr Robbins has told me what happened and we can’t accept this sort of behaviour at our school. We will get your bag back I promise.” Jenny was rather surprised Miss Delany was being so kind. Normally she was short-spoken and very strict.

Miss Delany had a way of getting children to open up to her and soon Jenny had told them how unhappy she was and how she was being bullied everyday.

“Thank you for being so honest, Jenny. Now off you go or you’ll be late for class. I’ll see you in History,” she said kindly.

“Thank you.” Jenny muttered, and ran out of the room like a scared rabbit.

Everyone was seated waiting for Miss Delany, when she walked in holding Jenny’s school bag.

“Jenny, what luck, I found your school bag! It was on the floor in the bike sheds,” and winked at her.

“What I can’t understand is why Mandy’s history book was in your bag. Mandy can you explain please?”

Mandy stood up, her face flaming red and tongue-tied. She didn’t now what to say.

“Go straight to the headmasters office and wait for him.” Miss Delany’s tone was fierce.

The lesson passed quickly and soon it was time to go home. Jenny waited at the bus stop as usual when another girl from her history class told her how nice her bag was. They chatted non-stop until Jenny reached her stop.

“Did you have a nice day?” her mother asked, as she got off the bus. Miss Delany had rung her to tell her what had happened.

“Yes mum, it was great, I have a new friend and you know what? It is all because you bought me my lovely school bag.”

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