Tick Tock Said Father Clock


Tick tock, tick.

Father clock had been faithful and reliable for twenty years but today he made his final tick. He had become dusty and his face could hardly be seen through the dirty glass. He hadn’t been cranked up for a couple of days but he soldiered on trying as hard as he could to keep time. Thinking he was broken his owners put him in a box and left him in a cupboard for years and forgot all about him.

A few years later the new owners came to live in the house. As they started cleaning up they came across an abandoned box in the cupboard and were very surprised when they uncovered a clock.

“Dad, look what I found!” Jimmy said excitedly. He loved clocks and this clock was a true masterpiece.

“Careful Jimmy, I think this clock might be special.” Jimmy’s dad was as excited as his son.

Jimmy and his father took the clock to the shed and carefully put it on the workbench. First they cleaned the glass and uncovered the face. Jimmy then started cleaning the frame making sure he didn’t scratch the wood.

“Wow, dad look how wonderful it looks. Do you think it still works?”

“ I have my doubts, but let’s try cranking it up.” Jimmy’s dad put the tiny key in the back and tried to turn it clockwise. The key turned once and got stuck but they did hear a small tick.

“It may be rusty, let me get some oil.” He ran and fetched the oil almost tripping up in excitement.  He slowly sprayed the special oil inside the door of the clock and left it to soak into the cogwheels for a couple of minutes. Putting the key in once more he started winding the clock one crank at a time. At first it was slow but then it was turning like a brand new clock.

Jimmy gasped. “Dad, it’s making the tick tock sound!”

“Hold on Jim, one last thing.” He opened the glass cover and turned the hands to the correct time. “ Now will find out if it’s working properly.” To their amazement the old badly beaten up clock was working to the second. Fully restored they took it into the house and placed it proudly on the mantelpiece.

Father clock, fully restored felt young and full of energy once more. He was well looked after and happily ticked tocked year after year.

Goodnight Sleep Tight

Angelica Galea Young

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