What If They Make Fun of Me?


Tommy was nine years old. He was very clever but extremely shy. The kids at his school liked him a lot, but Tommy had difficulty believing this and spent most of his break times on his own. He avoided being asked to play, as he thought he would be made fun of. This all started because a boy that Tommy thought was his friend said horrible things to him everyday. He aid he was ugly, his clothes were silly and that his voice sounded funny. Tommy didn’t like telling tales so he carried this horrible feeling inside day in day out.

As time went on, Tommy became more withdrawn which worried his parents and teachers. They tried talking to him but Tommy always said that nothing was wrong.

Tommy was exceptionally talented at was music and he played the piano beautifully. When he played he was in his own world where no one could make fun of him.

Christmas was approaching and the school were preparing for their annual Christmas concert. The choir would sing carols and the orchestra would accompany them. Miss Smith, the music teacher, knew that Tommy could play the piano and asked him to play in the concert. Tommy’s first reaction was,

“What if they make fun of me?” but she managed to persuade him.

On the day of the concert the church was bustling with proud parents, waiting to see their children perform. Tommy’s parents were sitting in the last row, as they didn’t want to put him off, or possibly embarrass him. The concert started with a couple of carols. The orchestra then played a Christmas tune without the choir and the last item was Tommy’s piano piece.  Tommy had been clever. He had arranged a mix of carols, ending up with ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’. He was superb! His hands were swiftly moving up and down the keys, making such wonderful music while the audience stared in awe. When he finished, everyone stood up clapping and cheering. They had no idea he was so good!

“Bravo, bravo Tommy! Play it again,” the children were screaming.

Tommy astonished with the reaction, sat down and started to play again. When he reached the final “We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ everyone stood up and sang with him. Tommy ended the concert in style. Parents and teachers made a point to tell Tommy’s parents that they had never heard anything so wonderful. The children ran up to Tommy telling him he was amazing and for the first time in a long time, Tommy’s shyness disappeared and no one was making fun of him…


Goodnight Sleep Tight

Angelica Galea Young

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